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Program Goal 4

Program Goal 4  Prepare students to take on leadership positons in the PA Profession

Our students learn hands on leadership skills in class leadership opportunities such as the executive leadership team consisting of the class president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Students also lead community outreach committees and class service committees. Each committee has a faculty member assigned to support and guide student leaders in their responsibilities.

Leadership in healthcare is part of the curriculum in Becoming a PA 3 and 4 (PAE 7102 and PAE 7103), covering topics such as health care finance, billing and coding, health systems, health care technology, and work leadership.

Our graduates apply their acquired leadership skills and serve e.g. in PA education as faculty members and program directors. They are also on the board of directors of various PA state and national organizations. In addition, Emory PA Program graduates have taken on clinical leadership positions as clinical post-graduate residency directors and as various division leads and Advanced Practice Provider hospital leads.

For the last two years, approximately 80% of our students reported confidence in filling leadership positions in the exit surveys.