Student Life

Campus Life

Emory University’s Division of Campus Life cultivates a welcoming and dynamic community that is committed to modeling and teaching holistic well - being, ethical leadership, civic engagement, cultural humility, and global citizenship by providing a supportive and responsive foundation for an evolving campus community to develop skills necessary for lifelong success and positive transformation in the world.

As a graduate student at Emory University, medical students not only contribute, but also have access, to the vibrant Emory community. In addition to the over 400 organizations officially recognized by the Emory Student Government Association, athletic and recreational programs, public service and leadership opportunities, Campus Life is a resource to assist you with social, career, and intellectual advancement.


Emory’s preferred graduate housing is available at Campus Crossings Briarcliff (operated by Campus Apartments). For a complete listing of all nearby housing, please visit

Each year in June, the Office of Admissions and the rising second year class with host a Housing Weekend for the incoming medical students. This event is designed to showcase the variety of housing options available in the Emory area and surrounding neighborhoods.

Student Government

The students of Emory University are governed by the Student Government Association (SGA) and all student organization charters must be approved by the SGA. 

The Medical Student Senate (MSS) approves all applications for medical student groups seeking charter with the SGA. To submit an application to the MSS:

Starting a Student Organization

Students are encouraged to charter new organizations when there is interest. Funding for guest speakers, teaching forums, and other education events are available for chartered organizations.

For more information about chartering a student organization, please visit the Medical Student Senate website.

Medical Student Class Officers

Each medical school class will elect officers annually, including Medical Student Senators. These elections are run in accordance with the SGA Code of Elections. The current list of officers for each class can be found on the Student Portal.

Last modified: 7/28/2018