Safety and Security

Emory University School of Medicine is enriched by the legacy and energy of Atlanta, but the location also means that urban crime or violence are possible.

Every effort is made by the Emory University School of Medicine and Emory University to provide a safe and secure environment for our students at all sites (campuses, healthcare facilities, etc.). Emory maintains its own police department that manages law enforcement, fire safety and emergency medical services as well as advising schools and individuals on public safety matters. The Emory University School of Medicine is made aware of all public safety matters and acts on them accordingly. Grady and the VA have their own security departments and we work in conjunction with them to maintain a safe environment for all students.

The James P. Williams School of Medicine building provides 24-hour study space for School of Medicine students and a security guard is on duty after hours. The entire building can be accessed outside of business hours only by using an Emory ID card. The security guard checks student ID cards to limit after hours use to registered School of Medicine students only.

We encourage students to request a security escort to or from the parking decks. Each campus also provides motorist assistance. Contact information for security escorts at each site:

  • Emory Main Campus – 404-727-7555
  • Emory Midtown – 404-686-2597
  • Grady – 404-616-4025
  • Veterans Hospital – 404-728-7641 or 404-321-6111 (ext. 4911)
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – Egleston – Call the Emory Main Campus escort if your car is parked on Emory’s campus or call 404-785-6142 if your car is parked in the ED parking at Egleston
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – Hughes Spalding – Call Grady Escort above

Emergency "blue light" phones located throughout campus link callers directly to the Emory Police Department in order to report emergencies and request security escorts.

Although parking decks have restricted access, the possibility still exists for break-ins. Please remove all valuables from your vehicle and either store them in locked storage spaces provided at each site or leave them at home.

Emory University Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response (CEPAR) coordinates campus-wide activities related to unusual events. CEPAR uses website bulletins, cell phone text messages, emails and other means to notify community members about precautions and plans.

Emory University-affiliated Hospitals Public Safety Departments

Officers are on duty twenty-four hours each day. Students are encouraged to notify the Public Safety Departments concerning any activity which may compromise an individual student's safety and/or the safety of any other students, physicians, residents, hospital employees, patients, or visitors.

  • Emory University Hospital - 404.712.5598
  • Emory University Midtown Hospital - 404.686.2597
  • Grady Hospital - 404.616.4024
  • Veterans Hospital - 404-321-6111 (ext. 4911) or 404-728-7641
  • Other important numbers to have include the following:
  • Emory Police Department – 404-727-6111
  • DeKalb County Police – emergency 911 number

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Last modified: 7/27/2018