Parking and Transportation

Emory Campus Parking

Parking on the Emory Campus requires the display of a valid permit. Only permits issued by Emory Transportation and Parking Services are valid. Permits are the property of Emory University.

Permits are non-transferrable and are for use by the permit holder.

Any permit purchased requires submission of vehicle information for all vehicles which will be used with the permit. Vehicle information includes the make, model, color, style, and state issued license plate number. Failure to maintain current vehicle information with Parking Services will result in a fine.

Permits can be requested in person at the Parking Office or online.

Permit Types

  • Annual permit: Provides unlimited access to assigned parking area.
  • Eagle Pass (occasional permit): Provides one access to assigned parking area per use.
  • Temporary permit: Provides unlimited access to assigned parking area during the time period purchased, up to six months.
  • Motorcycle/Scooter decal: Provides approval to park in designated motorcycle/scooter parking. Must register in person at the Parking Office.

Acceptance of a permit indicates acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the Transportation and Parking Services Rules and Regulations.

Parking privileges be suspended or revoked for violation of the Rules and Regulations.

Permit ownership is nontransferable.

Falsifying information in order to obtain a permit is a violation of parking regulations.

Replacement cost of a lost or stolen permit is $20, nonrefundable.

All vehicles that belong to the immediate family of a student, whether registered with Emory or not, will be considered the responsibility of that individual. Any parking violations charged against that vehicle will be the responsibility of the individual.

Permit owners are responsible for maintaining current vehicle information with Parking Services.

Unregistered vehicles with outstanding citations will be identified through the vehicle plate information obtained from the U.S. state registration system. An additional fine will be applied if a vehicle is not registered with Parking Services.

Individuals with outstanding fines will not be allowed to purchase new permits until the fines are paid in full. Outstanding fines can also result in loss of parking access, immobilization of vehicle, or the vehicle being towed.

Cars are not to be parked in the loading dock areas unless a special tag is given and are subject to towing and fines.

Emory Parking Permit Costs*

View information about annual and other parking permit costs.

Parking at Affiliated Hospitals

  • Emory Midtown – No charge for parking. Arrangements for MD students are made by Barbara Bingham in the Office of Clinical Education at Grady.
  • CHOA – Emory students use Emory parking office arrangements; visiting students arrange parking through CHOA security office.
  • VAMC – Students should park in the back of the hospital. No sticker/pass or charge for parking.
  • Grady – Students purchase through Grady parking office. They do not prorate the parking pass fee. Students must have a Grady ID badge prior to arranging for parking.

Shuttle Services

Emory Transportation Services offer shuttles on campus, for commuters, between major affiliated hospitals and other routes such as Georgia Tech, Oxford and shopping facilities. In addition, late- night service and SafeRide are available.

Contact Information

Contact a Transportation Services representative or visit the Transportation Services Offices in the Clairmont Campus Parking Deck (1945 Starvine Way, Atlanta, 30322). Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

To report shuttle delays or problems, call 404-727-1829 or email

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Last modified: 7/27/2018