Career Advising

Choosing a career path is one of the most significant decisions a medical student will make. At Emory, the career planning begins at matriculation and continues throughout medical school.

Career planning is part of every academic year’s Orientations, and specific Career counseling sessions occur throughout the curriculum. Small Group Advisors are trained to provide guidance on this important issue, and are able to advise medical students where to seek specialty-specific information and counselors.

Career planning at Emory includes:


Emory Development of Career Specialty (DOCS) website – (information regarding career planning, advisors, match results, and related resources)

Association of American Medical Colleges Careers in Medicine (CiM) website (career planning program designed to help medical students choose a specialty and residency program, successfully land a residency position, and plan their physician career)

Access to information about dual degree programs


  • Small Group Advisors offering career guidance and facilitating networking within and outside Emory
  • Scheduled career advice and planning sessions throughout the curriculum
  • One-on-one meetings with an Associate or Assistant Dean for Clinical Education and Student Affairs for career counseling
  • Department-designated medical student advisors chosen to counsel students regarding their specialty (on EmoryDOCS website)
  • Choosing advisors, both informally for career advice, and formally to help students plan and schedule their Translation Phase of medical school
  • Easily accessible deans, faculty, recent Emory graduates, and staff to contact for career advising


  • Planned curricular activities to aid in making a career choice
  • Exposure to a wide variety of specialties and careers through the Foundations, Application and Translation Phases (required clerkships and electives)
  • Research opportunities through the Discovery Phase

Three class meetings during the Translation Phase to discuss:

  • Advice and counseling for students who are still undecided after completing the Application Phase
  • Early preparation for residency applications
  • Timeline for applying to residency programs
  • Information about early match programs
  • The residency application and matching process
  • Exploring residency options – panel discussions with residency program directors
  • Where to access detailed information about specific residency programs
  • Applying for highly competitive programs

For additional information and/or questions:

Mary Dolan, MD, MPH
Director, Emory DOCS

Shikina Harrison, MS
Program Coordinator
Career Advising and Student Affairs

Last modified: 8/6/2018