Prohibition of Retaliation

The School of Medicine prohibits retaliation against a student who, in good faith, complains about or participates in an investigation of student mistreatment. Any student who feels he or she has been retaliated against or threatened with retaliation should report the allegation immediately to the Executive Associate Dean for Medical Education and Student Affairs. The Executive Associate Dean for Medical Education and Student Affairs will investigate the alleged retaliation and make a report to the Dean of the School of Medicine, when possible, within 30 days of the filing of the complaint. The Dean, or his or her designee, will be responsible for deciding upon and imposing disciplinary action(s).

While mistreatment issues may be written in student evaluations of residents or faculty and evaluations of courses or clerkships, students should NOT rely on those mechanisms as the primary or sole means to report mistreatment. The reporting mechanisms described above have been established to produce a timely and effective resolution to any mistreatment concerns.

Last modified: 7/21/2017