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OMESA Responsibilities

OMESA personnel assist in promoting student advocacy and facilitate the day-to-day life of medical students. Some but not all of the functions performed are:

1.  OMESA is responsible for Student Affairs functions such as admissions, record keeping, and registration issues for incoming and continuing students. OMESA personnel are responsible for the selection, admission, registration of all students of the School of Medicine.

2.   OMESA is responsible for curriculum coordination management in conjunction with the Executive Curriculum Committee (ECC), the Course and Clerkship Directors, the Department Chairs and faculty.

3.   OMESA is responsible for the tracking of Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Immunizations for all medical and  health professions students.

4.   OMESA is responsible for proctoring the NBME Subject Examinations and for oversight of student registration and certification for United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE) for medical licensure and credentialing.

5.   OMESA is the liaison for all medical and academic health students within the Emory University School of Medicine, with the Emory University Registrar, the Emory University Office of Financial Aid and the Emory University Student Health.

6.   OMESA maintains AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) Guidelines:

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress for Receipt of Title IV Student Aid

  • Guidelines for Medical Schools Regarding Academic Transcripts, Permanent files, and Graduation Verification

  • Reaffirming Institutional Standards on Behavior in the Learning Environment

  • Guidelines for Medical Schools Regarding Visiting Medical Students from other LCME Medical Schools.

7.  OMESA oversees all need-based, merit-based, and service–based scholarships which are tracked through this office, as well as grants and loans including student emergency loans. OMESA works with the Office of Development on donor recognition and increasing scholarship endowments.

8.   The Office of Admissions within OMESA is responsible for the processing of student applications, interviews and admissions to the School of Medicine MD Program.

9.    OMESA Student Affairs works closely with the admissions office in other programs such as MD/PhD, MD/MCSR and MD/MPH Programs as well as the Academic Health Admissions Programs. The Grady Clinical Student Affairs and Medical Education staff are responsible for the placement and coordination of the Visiting Student Ellectives Program.

10.   OMESA is responsible for the progress and promotion of medical students. Personal and academic counseling are also monitored through OMESA in coordination with the Progress and Promotions Committees.

11.  The Office of Clinical Education within OMESA on the Grady Campus is responsible for students on clinical rotations, including coordination of rotation schedules, Dean’s Letters, student and clerkship evaluations, grades, senior electives and the enrollment of visiting medical students through the AAMC VSAS (Visiting Student Application System).  

12.   OMESA provides assistance and guidance to medical students in applying for externships, away electives through the VSAS process, and for medical residency through the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS).

13.  OMESA assists students in entering the National Residency Matching (NRMP) Program, a national computerized database that matches applicants and training programs according to rank lists.  Matches are considered binding contracts between the graduating student and the residency program they apply to.

14.  The Office of Multicultural Medical Student Affairs within OMESA is responsible for the recruitment and retention of students  considered under-represented in the field of medicine, as well as working to provide a multicultural environment that respects and appreciates diversity. 

15.  OMESA Deans provide service in career counseling and academic advising. This occurs at both the Emory campus and the Grady campus offices.

16.  The OMESA personnel are responsible for coordination of special events within the academic career of the students. The entire staff works on these special events.  Orientations, the White Coat Ceremony, the Society Advisors Program, Match Day, Class Meetings,  Exit Interviews, Dean’s Reception, Commencement and Graduation are all coordinated by OMESA staff.

17.  OMESA personnel provide committee coordination of the Executive Curriculum Committee and its sub-committees.

18. OMESA personnel provide committee coordination of the Progress & Promotion Committees and its sub-committees.

19.  OMESA personnal provide program support for numerous courses and clerkships within Undergraduate Medical Education.

20.  OMESA administrates communication with students via Exchange List-serves, mailboxes, bulletin boards, PIC pagers and cell phones. It is very important that students keep their information current in both the OPUS and OMESA databases.

21.   The OMESA Welcome Center has been designed to serve the needs of all students within the School of Medicine. The OMESA Welcome Center Help line is 404-727-5655.