Student Feedback of Courses, Clerkships and MD Program

Student evaluations of individual courses, clerkships, phases and the MD program as a whole is essential to improving the education experience. In addition to being reviewed by course and clerkship directors, student feedback is reviewed by the Executive Curriculum Committee and its multiple subcommittees. Evaluations are designed to be completely anonymous and are reviewed as part of aggregate data. The School of Medicine is interested in both positive and negative feedback and finds more specific constructive feedback to be most helpful in making necessary changes to the program.

Student Feedback of Residents and Faculty

Student evaluations of residents and faculty are an essential component to improving medical education. Student feedback further assists with resident and faculty development. Course and clerkship directors and the dean’s office have developed ways to ensure that students are protected from retribution when completing evaluations. First, residents and faculty never see names associated with evaluations. Second, residents and faculty cannot see their evaluations until course and clerkship grades have been assigned to students. Third, student evaluations are not available to residents and faculty until they have been aggregated with other evaluations to provide a summarized analysis of resident and faculty teaching performance. These aggregations occur no more frequently than every six months and have at a minimum at least four evaluations aggregated and summarized. Finally, all student feedback of residents and faculty is handled by course and clerkship directors in a delicate and responsive fashion to further protect the identity of students submitting anonymous evaluations.

Last modified: 7/28/2018