Student Records

The official record of each Emory University School of Medicine student is maintained in the School of Medicine. These records include information that assists in evaluating the progress of students in obtaining their medical education. Student records are kept secure and are not available to anyone other than faculty members and administrators of the School who have an appropriate need to review a student’s attendance or progress.

Other than information covered in the “Consent to Release Information” form, no information is released to external sources without written permission from the student.

While students are enrolled in the School of Medicine, the student record may contain the following:

  • Official premedical education transcripts
  • Admissions application
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Georgia residency affidavit
  • Consent to Release Information Form
  • Verification of TB and mask fit testing
  • Verification of annual OSHA and HIPAA training
  • Information regarding research or scholarship activities
  • Honor Code compliance signature
  • MD student Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
  • Copy of MD student USMLE Exam registration form
  • Letters concerning probation, deceleration, leave of absence, failure to be promoted, or disciplinary actions
  • Notes concerning health problems are not maintained unless said health problems influence academic or clinical performance.

Access to Student Records

Per Emory University policy under the Family Educational Rights and privacy Act (FERPA), each student has a right of access to his or her education records, except confidential letters of recommendation and financial records of the student’s parents. These rights include:

  • The right to inspect education records.
  • The right to limit disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in educational records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosures without consent (i.e. directory information, faculty members and administrators of the School who have an appropriate need to review a student’s attendance or progress)
  • The right to request correction of the educational record.

Students who wish to review their file must do so in writing to the School of Medicine Registrar by completing a Request to Review Educational Records Form. The School of Medicine complies with a request within a reasonable time, at most within 45 days. Arrangements are made for the student to read his or her academic file in the presence of a staff member.

Without exception, all requests for letters of reference or for completion of forms relating to academic performance and/or personal qualities require written authorization from the student (or graduate) for release of such information. This also applies to requests for information from faculty or administrative officers. Students have the right of access to letters or statements giving such information unless, in the authorization for release, the student waives this right and agrees that the information to be sent is to be held confidential. Confidential references are often requested by agencies or institutions to which students apply for aid or a clinical position.

Without a formal request, School of Medicine students have access to review information about themselves within the educational systems used by their program that contain courses taken, clinical schedules, assessments, and grades received.

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Requesting Certified University Transcripts

At the end of each semester, students can log into the Emory Home Page and access the OPUS system to obtain their course grades, accumulated hours of credit, and grade point average.

If any discrepancies appear on the transcript, students are encouraged to contact the School of Medicine Registrar immediately so the record can reflect the correct information.

The School of Medicine Registrar does not produce transcripts. Students can request certified transcripts by clicking “Request Emory Transcript” under the Academics section of their OPUS account. Certified transcripts are delivered electronically to a specified individual, agency or organization, provided the student’s financial status with the University is clear (no indebtedness except for loans with approved repayment schedules). Emory University utilizes the services of a third party called Parchment, Inc. to process requests. Before initiating the request, students must obtain an email address of the recipient. The transcript will be transmitted within 30 minutes of the online request. If the recipient will not accept an electronic transcript, an option to request a paper copy still exists and can be arranged through the same online process. There is no charge to request an electronic or paper transcript. If a student requests that expedited shipping of the transcript, a shipping fee will be charged to the student. All transcripts include the entire academic record at Emory University; the Registrar will issue no partial statements of record as transcripts. Report of performance in courses before the end of the academic year may be sent to any agency or institution by one of the School’s administrative officers on written request by the student.


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Last modified: 7/27/2018