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Progress and Promotion Committees

The Progress and Promotions Committees are chaired by faculty appointed by the Executive Associate Dean of Medical Education and Student Affairs (EAD) and are composed of the course, block, or clerkship directors in the curriculum of the year(s) involved and ex-officio members who do not have voting authority, appointed by the EAD.   At intervals throughout the school year, Progress and Promotions Committees discuss the progress of students in their classes.  If concerns regarding one or more students warrant, the EAD may call special meetings of the appropriate committee to discuss those specific students. 

At the end of each academic period, the Progress and Promotion Committees for each class meet to review the performance of each student.  In the case of students experiencing difficulties in achieving satisfactory progress, the Progress and Promotions committee may interview the involved student(s) and any other faculty, staff, or students as appropriate. 

The Progress and Promotions Committee should consider the totality of the student’s record and behavior since enrollment.  The committee is charged with making recommendations to the EAD as to whether students should be unconditionally promoted or whether promotion is to be permitted:

  1. With Academic Warning;
  2. With Academic Probation;
  3. With required successful completion of remedial work;
  4. With required successful repetition of specific courses.

Personal illness and/or family tragedy directly affecting a student’s performance are given full consideration by the Progress and Promotions Committee and EAD before the conditional status of academic warning or probation is designated.  An Academic Warning is an official warning given a student whose performance is of concern.  Students given an academic warning receive written notice of their status from the EAD, noting the specific concern(s).   A copy of the letter is placed in the student’s file and made available to subsequent Progress and Promotion Committees during the student’s course of study.   Academic Probation is a conditional status that may be designated by the EAD when a student’s performance is unsatisfactory.  The period of Academic Probation and the reasons for Probation are given to the student in the form of a letter.  The letter is placed in the student’s file and made available to subsequent Progress and Promotions Committees.  Academic Probation is a serious reprobation, is indicated on the student’s transcript, and requires that a student maintain adequate performance for the period designated as the probationary period.     

For students who are not recommended for promotion, the Progress and Promotions Committee may recommend:

  1. Deceleration of the academic program;
  2. Repetition of the academic program;
  3. Suspension;
  4. Dismissal;
  5. Other appropriate actions.

The Executive Associate Dean’s final decision is then provided to the student and a copy is placed in the student’s file. A student may appeal the decision of the Executive Associate Dean by submitting such request in writing to the Dean within ten (10) days of being notified of the decision by the Executive Associate Dean.