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It is the policy of the Graduate Medical Education Committee to follow guidelines established by the ACGME and the School of Medicine regarding moonlighting for residents in accredited training programs. Each training program must have a policy regarding moonlighting.

“Moonlighting” refers to a service performed by a resident in the capacity of an independent physician, completely outside the scope of his/her residency-training program. “External moonlighting” refers to moonlighting at a facility that is not part of the resident’s training program. “Internal moonlighting” refers to moonlighting at a location within the Emory system but outside the scope of the training program where the resident would normally be expected to provide care. External and Internal moonlighting hours must be counted toward the 80-hour duty hour limit.

Specific details related to ACGME guidelines can be found at the ACGME website:

Specific details related to Emory University School of Medicine can be found at the following website:

Residents are prohibited from external or internal moonlighting unless they have the written approval of the Chair of the Department or his/her designee. This permission can be revoked by the program at any time.

If the resident is moonlighting, then the Program Director must monitor the resident’s academic and clinical performance and must counsel the resident if performance deteriorates according to competency evaluations and assessments.

Moonlighting is always voluntary and residents are never required to engage in moonlighting.