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Increasing the Number of Residents In Accredited Residency Training Programs

Policy:  It is the policy of the Office of Graduate Medical Education of Emory University School of Medicine to provide valid and fair procedures to departments that desire to increase the number of residents in established, ACGME accredited training programs. 


  1. The Program Director should request to increase the number of residents in an established training program by writing a letter to the GME Committee.
  2. The Program Director and the Chair of the Department must sign this letter.
  3. The training program currently must be ACGME accredited, must not be on warning or probation and must have a satisfactory result from the last internal review.
  4. The request to the GME Committee to increase the number of residents must:
    1. Inform the GME Committee how the program determined the number of residents per year and the total number of residents
    2. Specifically establish the educational need and discuss the effect on duty hours,
    3. Determine the impact of additional residents on other training programs, 
    4. Provide the GME Committee with letters of support from programs providing required rotations and from programs that could be affected
    5. Inform the GME Office regarding the departmental account to use for invoicing,
    6. Inform the GME Office if the program has alternative sources of funding,
  5. Assure that an adequate administrative structure and support are available,
  6. The GME Executive Committee will review the petition and present its report to the GME Committee.
  7. Hospital funding through the FTE budget process must be approved in writing by individual hospital before the program submits its annual budget to the GME Office.  
  8. The GME Committee will communicate its findings and recommendations to the Program Director and the Chair of the Department requesting the increase.
  9. The findings of the GME Committee will constitute a recommendation to the Dean, who, at his discretion, can petition the Council of Chairs to obtain its recommendation.
  10. If the Dean finds in favor of the increase, then the Program Director is permitted to apply to the ACGME [via Web ADS] to increase the number of residents in the established training program.
  11. The opinion of the Dean is final.
  12. The Program Director should submit the request for changes through ACGME Web ADS. When the Program Director completes the requested information, the DIO will approve the request in Web ADS.