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Establishing New Graduate Medical Education Programs


The Emory University School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) must approve the establishment of all new Emory graduate medical education residency programs. It is the policy of the GMEC that all proposals for the development of new graduate medical education residency programs, ACGME-accredited or not, receive committee approval prior to the application or implementation of the program.


1. The Program Director or designee must present to the GMEC the rationale for the proposed program, how the proposed program will meet ACGME requirements, and how the program will ensure not to detract from the core program or adversely affect other Emory learners. If the program is not accredited by the ACGME, then any national standards for such a program will need to be presented. 

2. The presentation must include the following: a) a copy of the program goals and objectives, b) letters from the program directors most likely to be impacted by the program, c) proposed block schedule with clinical sites.

3. The presentation must include a description of the funding for residents, program faculty support and program administrative support.  Note: GMEC’s approval does not imply financial commitment to the program.

4. Following GMEC approval, the program director must submit the draft program application to the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education to obtain approval prior to submitting to the ACGME.   The program director must also submit to the Dean a signed letter of support for the program from the Department Chair or Division Chief and letter(s) guaranteeing the financial support from each responsible organization.