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Establishing A New ACGME Accredited Training Program

Policy: It is the policy of the Office of Graduate Medical Education of Emory University School of Medicine to provide valid and fair procedures to departments that desire to establish new, ACGME accredited training programs.


  1. The proposed training program must be an ACGME-listed program.
  2. The Program Director of the proposed, new training program should petition the GME Committee in a letter signed also by the Chair of the Department.
  3. The petition to the GME Committee must
  1. GMEC will review the petition and present its report to the GME Committee.
  2. The Office of GME will help the department secure funding for programs.
  3. The GMEC will communicate its findings and recommendations to the Program Director and the Chair of the Department.
  4. The findings of the GME Committee will constitute a recommendation to the Dean, who, at his discretion, can petition the Council of Chairs to obtain its recommendation.
  5. If the Dean finds in favor of the new program, then the Program Director is permitted to apply to the ACGME to establish the new training program.
  6. The opinion of the Dean is final.
  7. The Program Director should use the letter of support from the GMEC as part of the application which is completed in WebADS.
  8. The department is responsible for the ACGME initial accreditation fee.