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Section 21: No Solicitation

To avoid any disruption of health care operations and/or disturbance of patients, the following rules apply to solicitation and distribution of non-medical literature on the property of any of the Emory-affiliated hospitals through which residents rotate. Non-residents and persons not employed by the hospital may not solicit or distribute literature on the hospital property at any time, for any purpose. Residents may not solicit or distribute literature during working time for any purpose. Working time includes any period during which either the resident doing the soliciting or distributing or the resident to whom the solicitation and distribution is aimed is or should be on hospital property engaged in the performance of residency training programs duties. Break periods and lunch periods are not working time. Residents may not solicit or distribute at any time for any purpose in immediate patient care areas such as patients' rooms, operating rooms, places where patients receive treatment, x-ray and therapy areas, or corridors in patient treatment areas and rooms used by patients for consultations with physicians or meeting with family or friends.

Residents may not distribute non-medical literature at any time for any purpose in the working areas. Working areas are all areas in the hospital where employees, residents and other health care providers are performing work, except cafeterias, staff lounges, lobbies and parking areas.

This policy does not apply to the solicitation or distribution of material by or through residency training program sponsored activities.