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The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) is a voting membership that includes residents/fellows, program directors and administrators chaired by the Designated Institution Official (DIO) and Assistant Dean. The GMEC meets quarterly to establish policies concerning quality education and work environment for residents/fellows in all training programs. 

Subcommittees within the GMEC are:

Document Review Subcommittee:
Provide the GMEC with quarterly summary of all communications and reviews of the programs for the GMEC’s final review, resolution and recommendations (i.e. communication between programs and RRC, Annual Program Evaluations, correspondence between programs and DIO and/or GME Office).

Duty Hour Subcommittee:
Provide the GMEC with quarterly reports regarding the status of the institution’s and individual programs’ duty hours (i.e. New Innovation reports, National resident/fellow surveys, other internal documents as the subcommittee desires). 

Education Subcommittee:
Provide the GMEC with quarterly reports updating the status of education (i.e. Science of GME, Ethics Curriculum, Business of Medicine, and use of simulation labs).

Program Oversight Subcommittee:
Proivide the GMEC with quarterly reports regarding the statue of each program, determines the parameters the institution should use to evaluate each program, and annually reviews and update the Institution's policy regarding special reviews.

Institutional Review Oversight Subcommittee:
Annually review information relevant to the institution and its oversight of all programs, develops, annual reports to the governing body and develops plans for improvement and methods for follow up.

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Subcommittee:
Develop the infrastructure and policies to coordinate QI activities between trainees and affiliated hospital QI and safety programs, develop a standard QI and Safety curriculum for GME trainees (Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) online course), continue to grow the role and impact of the GME Resident Quality Council, and develop and use hospital and clinic data to review and measure trainee patient outcomes and clinical effectiveness.