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Career Conference and Performance Reviews

The School of Medicine is dedicated to sustaining and facilitating the career development of its faculty in scholarship, teaching, and professional service. Maintaining and developing each faculty member's professional engagement throughout his or her career is a high priority for the school.  In each department of the School of Medicine, the Chair or the Chair's designee shall conduct a yearly professional development and performance review with each regular faculty member who holds a primary appointment in the department. This review shall be based on performance in the areas of teaching scholarship, and service and shall be conducted using the online faculty evaluation form, the Career Conference and Performance Review (CCPR), which is available annually to all departments.   

The complete policy can be accessed here.

Please direct all questions regarding the CCPR to Christina Shuman.

Steps to Completing your CCPR

Part I
Part I is filled out by the faculty member, and includes uploading a current CV.  The Proxy function on page 1 allows one to designate someone in the School of Medicine to complete part of the form on his/her behalf. The designated proxy will access the form using his/her Emory University logon, not that of the faculty member. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE PASSWORDS!
Part I will be closed when Part II is submitted by the evaluator. If you wish to reedit Part I after closure please submit a request using the Help link on the Main Page.

NOTE: The server will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity and you will lose data UNLESS you click SAVE before the 60-minute timeout. Clicking SAVE resets the timer to zero. If you get the warning, clicking OK does not execute a SAVE and does not reset the timer.

Part II 
Part II is filled out by the evaluator (e.g. chair, division chief). The Save function captures the information but allows it to be edited. The Submit function closes the Part I and Part II document and allows no further changes. 

Part III
The faculty member should review Part II, fill in Faculty Comments (optional), and MUST click the "Faculty's Signature and Notify Your Chair" button to complete Part III. If two weeks have elapsed since the faculty member was notified that Part II is complete, the form will automatically close and move to part IV. 

Part IV
Part IV is a field for optional comments by the chair before final submission. Part IV can be viewed by faculty member, evaluator and chair. The report is submitted in its final form when the chair verifies and submits Part IV, unless substantive changes have been made, at which point the faculty member has the option to respond (Part V). After Part IV is closed and two weeks have elapsed, the report is archived and can be viewed in a read-only format suitable for printing.

Part V is only available if the chair makes substantive changes to the evaluation in Part IV, at which point the faculty member should review the changes and enter the appropriate response, if there is one. If two weeks have elapsed since the faculty member was notified that changes were made, the form will automatically close and become final. 

Access the CCPR system

Updated 3.7.16