Clinical Skills Center Event Policy

  • Space is not reserved until you have received a confirmation e-mail.
  • All pertinent materials (cases in final form, checklists, student schedules, etc.) are due 3 weeks prior to your event. Any changes or cancellations within the 3 weeks will result in late fees.
  • Failure to submit your materials in a timely manner may result in your event being cancelled.
  • By submitting this request form, you agree to payment of any fees, including late fees, from the smart key account provided, and to the School of Medicine Building's Space Use Policy.

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We look forward to working with you and your learners. Our staff strives to provide you with the best possible experience in the Clinical Skills Center!

CSC Late & Cancellation Fee

Use of the Clinical Skills Center (OSCE suites) has increased to the point that the staff has difficulty arranging last minute requests, processing information received after the established deadline and/or accommodating last minute changes to events already planned.  In addition, space is being reserved and not used, thereby depriving other users of space at times when it is needed.

Late request fee:

A request for space or SPs  for an event OR receipt of information required to plan an event received in less than  three week of an event date ,will result in a fee (assuming the event can be held) of:

  • $100 if received less than three weeks but more than two weeks in advance,
  • $200 if received less than two weeks but more than one week in advance, and
  • $300 if received less than one week prior to the schedule event but prior to or during the event.

Late requests must be accompanied by:  a list of learners submitted in required format; case materials; checklists for faculty and/or standardized patients; specific student scheduling needs if required; and equipment list/set up requirements, etc. 

Change Fee (for any changes received within 3 weeks of the event date):

A “change” fee of $65/hour of staff time required to implement any changes will be also billed.  The same fee applies to changes to events booked within 3 weeks of the event date.  Thus, if the initial booking for an event occurred 21 days before the actual event, and a change was requested 3 days after an initial booking, the same $65/hr fee would apply.

Space Cancellation/No Show Fee

  • Cancellation fees of $400/suite apply to space reserved and not used (and not cancelled).
  • Cancellation fees of $200/suite apply to space reserved and cancelled with three weeks or less notice.
  • Cancellations made more than three weeks in advance do not result in any cancellation charge for space.  Once SPs have been hired, a cancellation fee is charged for any SPs not used, irrespective of how far in advance the SPs are cancelled.

Once a standardized patient has been hired for an event (usually 3-4 weeks before an event), cancellation of that standardized patient results in a charge to the department of the full amount of the SPs wages including payment for performance and rehearsal time.

These fees apply to all users – including programs for medical students, academic health students, residents and others.  Any fees incurred will be automatically transferred from the smart key account listed on your request form via e-journal transfer.