Building Use Policy

School of Medicine Building Space Reservations Information and Policy

Please turn off all lights and any A/V Equipment prior to leaving any room!!!

Who can request SOM spaces?

School of Medicine Students, Faculty, Staff and SOM Student Groups. Requests from faculty and staff from other schools and divisions of the University schools are welcomed, but must be approved by the Dean's Office of the SOM.

How to access the request for space form?

  1. You must have an active University account number to reserve a room. If you do not have an account number, please contact the SOM Welcome Center. Approved USER ID and PASSWORD are required to make a request. A new User ID and Password can usually be issued within 48 hours.
  2. Spaces can be reserved from the by selecting Emory University School of Medicine.
  3. The School of Medicine building is open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

How to request space?

  1. Once you have your SOM R25 USER ID and password and have agreed to the policies and procedures you are ready to access the SOM Request Form.
  2. Enter your ID and Password, click on "logon". Enter your event information. Click on submit to send your request to the appropriate SOM R25 Administrator. You will receive an e-­‐mail confirmation when your request has been approved.

After Hours Use

For ANY SPECIAL EVENTS taking place during the work day or after 6:00 PM or on week-­‐ ends, each user/requestor must agree and abide by the School of Medicine Space Policies. The agreement by the user will accompany each request. Each requestor must agree to follow the School of Medicine Space Policy in order to secure and use the space.

The agreement request will be reviewed for conflicts and an e-­‐mail confirmation to the requestor will be sent to secure the space once the request has been confirmed.

Please note the School of Medicine is an after hour's card access only building. Any opening and closing of outside doors need to cover the exact times (including setup and clean-­‐up) and MUST be arranged through an official Campus Service Work Order at

Once the requestor receives the Work Order Confirmation Number then the Emory Police and Security will provide the necessary opening and closing of the facility. If arrangements have not been made with the Emory Campus Services ATLEAST one week prior to the event, then the event will be cancelled.

When can SOM spaces be confirmed?

After all the medical and academic health professions student classes have been booked. May 1st for the Fall Semester, November 1st for the Spring Semester, and March 1st for the Summer Semester is the general timeline that is followed. To check on the status of a request you can go to . If you find a discrepancy please contact the OMESA Welcome Center -Monday through Friday - 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM - 404-727-5655.


  1. Please include time needed for set-up and clean-up in your event request.
  2. This is a request for space, not a reservation. Your request for space will be confirmed by e-mail from the R25 School of Medicine Administrator in the OMESA Welcome Center.
  3. Space requests will only be confirmed after the SOM Classes have been scheduled.
  4. An account number must accompany all requests to reserve the School of Medicine space. This is needed in case charges need to go against the reservation.
  5. Academic courses for the School of Medicine have first priority to any event scheduling. All event reservations are subject to location change - especially if space for academic courses is needed. This is rare but the requestor needs to be aware this is a possibility.
  6. Absolutely NO commercial vendors are allowed to display or exhibit within the SOM space. The Conflict of Interest is located at
  7. Requestor is responsible for any Audio visual equipment requirements. Advance notice of at least 48 hours (Check with SOM IT) is required. Contact SOM IT Classroom Technologies at 404 - 778 - 4304 or you can use the online form for further details.
  8. Requestor is responsible for any catering needs and facility clean up.
  9. The moving of any furniture needs to have the written pre-approval of the OMESA Welcome Center. The user is responsible for arranging for the relocating the furniture back to its original location. Any user not adhering to that will be charged the cost of moving the furniture back into its permanent position.
  10. Requestor is responsible for the area being cleaned and all furniture back to its original locations. Requestor is limited to the set up diagrams approved and available in the confirmation packet. Campus Services have requested set up according to those pre- approved diagrams.
  11. When placing a Staging/Set up Order with Campus Services please include any additional time needed for set-up and clean-up in your event request.
  12. Requestors are responsible for placing their own work orders with Campus Services using their own account numbers for custodial, staging and clean up arrangements and the opening and closing of after hour events.
  13. No signage is allowed to be posted anywhere in the building except on sign stanchions. NO TAPE MUST EVER BE USED IN THE SOM COMMONS or lobby areas or on any surfaces throughout the building. Sign stanchions can be ordered through Campus services for that purpose.
  14. Informational Flyers can be brought to the OMESA Welcome Center for posting on approved student, staff or faculty bulletin boards or e-mail list-serves, only with permission by OMESA.
  15. Postings for the Plasma Information Screens located throughout the building can be submitted to the OMESA Welcome Center P-375 for consideration.
  16. All confirmations appearing on the WEBVIEWER in the School of Medicine R25 system have PRIORITY since they are correctly booked.
  17. Requestors not adhering to the policies of the School of Medicine will no longer be able to book any space and will need to find alternative space. Damage to furniture or walls will be assessed to the account number submitted with the request.

If you have questions you can contact the OMESA Welcome Center at 404-727-5655.

To CANCEL your request:

  1. Log on to R25 Request Form page using your User ID and Password.
  2. Enter the event name as - CANCEL REFERENCE 200X-XXXXXX (This reference number appears on your request and confirmation.)
  3. Enter the Event Title as - the original Event Name.
  4. Enter in the sponsoring organization, start, end, space name.
  5. Submit the request. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you confirming the receipt of the cancellation request.

Additional Questions? Please contact any of the following:

  • Office of Medical Education & Student Affairs (OMESA) Welcome Center at 404-727-5655
  • WHSCAB Auditorium or WHSCAB Plaza: Amy Alissandratos, 404-778-5394
  • School of Medicine Executive Conference Rooms: William Payne, 404-727-5640

Booking Executive Conference Rooms

Please send via R25 for all room requests for 454, 455, and 456 on the fourth floor and for

303 and 325 that are located on the 3rd floor. These spaces are for "executive level" meetings only. The Dean's Office reserves the right to bump your meeting at anytime for school business. Conference rooms 454, 455, 456, 303, and 325 are under the Dean's office control. Only William Payne or his designee can book these spaces.

Capacity of School of Medicine Classrooms and Commons

  • The three large auditoriums (110, 120, & 130) hold about 160 people.
  • The 312 & 313 computer labs hold up to 75 people (however one of these must always remain open for general student use.
  • The four Society Classrooms (P190, P178, A170, A153) hold about 40 people.
  • The 16 small group rooms located throughout the building each hold 10-14 people.

All these spaces are under the control of the OMESA Welcome Center to book for educational purposes first and foremost.

The School of Medicine Commons area is available for special events occurring outside the normal school day.

Audio/Visual Support: 404-727-6648 or you can use the online form

ExCEL Space (Simulation Lab, Clinical Skills Center and Fresh Tissue Lab) has additional policies which can be found on the Booking Protocol Page.

The Simulation Lab and the Fresh Tissue Lab can be booked by calling 404-727-8961.

The Clinical Skills Center (OSCE Suites) can be booked by calling 404-712-9925. Additional policies for these spaces will be provided upon request or are posted on the Protocol Page on this website.