ExCEL is a state of the art center designed to merge clinical education with high-tech audiovisual and computer assessment. Within ExCEL all programs can be recorded with the ability to do simultaneous checklist evaluations of the learner. The recordings can be watched remotely during the actual simulations or on the web at a later date.

In addition we have several LCD projectors, laptop and desktop computer for your audiovisual needs.

Audiovisual Capabilities

  • Direct visualization of simulation scenarios through one way mirrors.
  • Recording of all simulations with multiple views.
  • Live and delayed viewing of recorded simulation. This can be done within the center and remotely.
  • Several AV projectors.
  • Two conference rooms with the Simulation Center.
  • AV capabilities are available in the Simulation Center and the Clinical Skills Center.
  • Fresh Tissue Laboratory has an LCD projector and computer.