New Simulation Center at Emory University Hospital Midtown, August 2011

A new pilot simulation lab at Emory University Hospital Midtown (EUHM) is providing medical and nursing students, residents, and staff with hands-on training to perfect and maintain their skills. Located in former ob-gyn operating rooms, the lab focuses on team building, clinical competencies, and research.

The first sim lab of its kind at EUHM, it is a joint venture between the medical school and Emory Healthcare (EHC).

One side of the lab is set up to train gyn-ob residents and students in deliveries and laparoscopic surgeries, cardiac arrests, mock codes, and high-risk procedures. 

The other side is used for training nurses in central-line and intravenous insertion and medication dispensing. It also is used for competency validation for new nursing employees and annual skills assessment of current nursing staff, according to Sharlene Toney, executive director of professional nursing practice in EHC.

Jessica Arluck, assistant professor in gyn-ob, uses the lab to teach residents the basics of laparoscopic surgery on a training module and monitor. She also teaches students with the help of an adult-size mannequin named Noelle that simulates giving birth and going into cardiac arrest.

The lab is a "proof of concept" center, with the small setup being only the first step in the process, says Douglas Ander, director of the Emory Center for Experiential Learning and an associate professor of emergency medicine. In the future, plans include adding cardiac catheterization simulator capabilities, as well as space for a simulated emergency department and nursing station.

Jessica Arluck teaches laparoscopic surgery techniques to resident Catherine Hudson and medical students Christopher Corso and Sri Balusu in the simulation lab.