Well-Child Experience for First Year Medical Students

First year medical students have an early, delightful experience in their small learning group classes with well-child exams on various aged-children. The students meet in their society groups of 8-9 and an experienced faculty member demonstrates how to conduct a well-child visit appropriate for the child’s age.  Each child is accompanied by a parent, who is able to hold the child in his/her lap and answer questions regarding the child’s development, eating habits, personality traits, and other relevant issues just as they do at a normal well-child visit. The visit includes tests for appropriate milestones in the child’s development, including fine and gross motor skills, muscle strength, and height and weight standards. The faculty member performs a non-invasive well-child exam appropriate to the child’s age and students are allowed to interact and practice some skills if the child is amenable. Students also practice charting the child’s height, weight and head circumference, as well as observations on the developmental criteria assessed by the Denver Developmental Screening standards.