Heartcode BLS Certification

BLSHC Certification Instructions

The Basic Life Skills HeartCode 2010G (BLSHC-2010G) certification test is a three-part evaluation incorporating the American Heart Association’s new 2010 guidelines for BLS certification. The test is composed of ‘Cognitive’ (part I) and ‘Skills’ (parts II & III) sections, administered within the School of Medicine building via computer. The Cognitive portion of the test may be taken via the web solely on a PC connected to the Emory network via Ethernet (not wirelessly) within the School of Medicine Building – outside computers will not be able to access the BLSHC-2010G testing system. The Skills portion of the test requires the use of adult & infant simulators and must be taken during a scheduled time (no walk-ins, please) at a BLSHC-2010G testing station located in the Simulation Lab (B31).

Both sections of the test incorporate audio & video. For your convenience, headphones are available for checkout from the SOM-ITS front desk located in Suite AB51 in the basement of the Anatomy wing of the SOM Building.

Test Access Information

To launch the BLSHC-2010G Cognitive test, please click the link below:


  • To log in, use your full Emory email address (i.e. NetID@emory.edu (not an email alias)) both for the login username and password (see example below).

Example: Login: NetID@emory.edu
Password: NetID@emory.edu
  • Upon logging in to the BLSHC testing site, please change your password in the testing system by clicking on the ‘User Details’ button followed by the ‘Change Password’ button.- Once your password has been changed, click ‘OK’ to return to the main BLSHC testing page and select ‘HeartCode BLS Part I’ to begin testing.

Upon successful completion of the Cognitive test, please contact Kim Fugate to schedule a Skills test in the SIM Center.

When testing on a PC, please use Internet Explorer version 7 or above to access the Cognitive portion of the test. Mac browsers are not supported.

For technical assistance, please contact Mr. Jess Bowling at: jbowlin@emory.edu.