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MD/MA in Bioethics

Designed in partnership with the Emory Center for Ethics and the James T. Laney Graduate School, this program aims to equip students from the onset of their medical careers to identify, address, and assess ethical issues as they appear in clinical practice.      

Students who graduate with a dual MD/MA-Bioethics degree will not only be prepared to enhance the care they provide to patients, but will also be ready to work on issues of public policy as they relate to the provision of clinical care, to serve on or chair ethics committees, or to educate others about the ethical foundations of clinical practice.  

All students in Medicine at Emory complete a Discovery Phase, which is an opportunity to engage in in-depth research or to explore issues in the medical humanities, medical anthropology, medical sociology, etc. Students who are interested in a robust study of bioethics simply replace the Discovery Phase with the MA-Bioethics Program; most students will likely move into some of their clinical rotations for the Translation Phase before stepping out in the fall semester following Year 3 to begin the MA-Bioethics. A total of 5 years is required for the dual MD/MA-Bioethics degree. Entry to the MA year is contingent on satisfactory evaluation of academic standing and professional conduct in the School of Medicine.  

Medical students may decide to apply to this program during the first few years of medical school, although students who know they will have a strong interest in this program are encouraged to apply prior to the start of medical school.

More Info

Contact: Cory Labrecque, PhD,

Director, Master of Arts in Bioethics program

Raymond F. Schinazi Scholar in Bioethics and Christian Thought