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Applying for Financial Aid

How and When Do I Apply For Financial Aid?

Incoming Genetic Counseling students begin in summer semester, which is considered the last semester of the financial aid cycle. Therefore, new students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for both 2014-15 and 2015-16. The 2014-15 FAFSA is based on 2013 income, and the 2015-16 FAFSA is based on 2014 income.  

Complete the 2014-15 FAFSA immediately. If you completed a 2014-15 FAFSA previously but did not include Emory as one of your schools at the end of the form, you should go to the FAFSA website to make a correction and add Emory. Complete the 2015-16 FAFSA as soon as you have your 2014 income information available. We encourage students to complete their 2014 tax return as soon as possible and use the tax return to answer the questions on the FAFSA.

The FAFSA is available on-line at The school code for Emory is 001564.

The deadline to submit your financial aid documents is April 1, 2015 for incoming students. This is a target date and not a cut-off date, but students who complete their financial aid file later may miss out on some institutional funds.

What Happens After I Apply For Financial Aid?

Once the university Office of Financial Aid receives your FAFSA information, they will begin to send you e-mails to let you know if other documents are required. About a third of all applicants will be asked to submit documentation of their income. Please respond promptly, but don’t submit your tax documents if the Office of Financial Aid does not request them. Your financial aid file will be considered incomplete until all documents requested have been received.

How Will I Know What Kind of Financial Aid I'm Awarded?

The Office of Financial Aid will review your applications for both Summer 2015 and for the Fall 2015/Spring 2016 academic year at about the same time, and they will send you separate award letters for both periods. This will happen approximately in April/May 2015. The award letters will be electronic and will not be sent in hardcopy.  

By the time you are awarded, you will have access to Emory’s student information system OPUS. You will be able to review and accept your awards on-line, and you will be given instructions to complete promissory notes for any student loans that you accept.  

The Office of Financial Aid will send you yet another award letter for Summer 2016 sometime during the preceding semester. You do not need to complete a separate application because your eligibility will be based on your 2015-2016 FAFSA.

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