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Procedures for Approval


A regularly scheduled series (RSS) is defined as a CME activity that is planned as a series with multiple, ongoing sessions, e.g. offered weekly, monthly, quarterly.  RSSs are primarily planned by and presented to the School of Medicine’s professional staff. The procedures below provide you with the information necessary to begin the approval process.  Please contact the Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME) if you have further questions.


1. An approved RSS must adhere to the Policies and Procedures and Operational Guidelines of the OCME in addition to these procedures.

2. Each RSS must have a dedicated coordinator assigned to ensure compliance with all policies and procedures associated with the RSS.  This person will be responsible for file maintenance, record-keeping, and communications with the OCME.

3. The Course Activity Planning and Approval Form (CAF) must be completed and signed by the physician course activity director and/or planning committee members and submitted to the OCME.  All appropriate documentation must be included.  The CAF will be reviewed by the RSS Coordinator and approved by the Director of the OCME.  Notification of approval status will be emailed to the course activity director and/or planning committee members and the series coordinator within 60 days of receiving a completed CAF.  An incomplete CAF will be returned without approval.

Required Attachments to be submitted with CAF:

     3.1   Conflict of Interest Declaration Disclosure Statement: The activity course director and planners must complete and sign the disclosure form to be submitted with     the CAF.  Disclosure Forms are required to be completed and signed by each presenter/speaker (Emory and non-Emory faculty). This document must be kept in the RSS file.  Information given on this form must be provided to learners prior to the start of each session.  All disclosure forms are valid up to 12 months, unless a new relationship with a commercial entity has been established.  Any financial relationships with a commercial interest whose products or services relates to the content of the CME will be disclosed prior to the start of the activity.  Refusal to disclose all such relationships will result in disqualification from further participation in the activity. 

     3.2   Resolution of Conflict of Interests Form: Should a conflict of interest be identified based on the contents of the completed form, the conflict must be resolved.  This can be done by changing the subject matter for the speaker or changing the speaker to one that does not have a conflict, or other effective means.  Resolution of all conflict of interests must be documented on the Resolution of Conflict of Interests Form.

     3.3   Commercial Support: An activity that is financially supported by a pharmaceutical or device company, i.e. has a speaker honorarium and/or expenses paid by a company or an unrestricted grant, must have a completed and signed Letter of Agreement. This form must be signed by the RSS activity course director, the company representative, and the OCME program manager.  Under no circumstances are companies allowed to pay travel expenses or honorarium directly to the speakers when CME credit is being offered.  Funds should be made payable to Emory University. Expense reimbursements and honoraria must be paid in compliance with the Emory University Travel Policies and School of Medicine guidelines.

4.      The OCME Sign-In Sheet must be completed for each RSS session.  The series coordinator is responsible for ensuring that it contains the objectives, disclosure information and accreditation statement for each session.  Each attendee must sign the Sign In Sheet, print their email address, and provide their unique pin number in order to verify their participation The series coordinator is responsible for keeping all sign in sheets on file.  At the end of the RSS period, the sign-in sheets should be summarized using the Participant Roster.

5.      The OCME Participants Roster excel spreadsheet, containing the first and last name, credentials, email address, total number of credit hours earned by each participant and unique pin number must be submitted electronically to the OCME within 60 days of the end of the RSS period.  The electronic Participants Roster will be utilized by OCME to award credit to learners.  Other spreadsheets or tally systems will not accepted.

     5.1.   This Roster must be sent electronically to OCME for permanent record.

     5.2.   The certificates of attendance will be emailed to participants within 60 days of receipt using the email as provided on the Roster of Participants.  Failure of a participant to provide a valid email address will preclude OCME from issuing a certificate.

6.      Quarterly, the series coordinator will submit the RSS Summary Sheet demonstrating the series compliance to OCME’s policies and procedures.  Summary reports for the current series are due at the beginning January, April, July, October. 

     6.1.   On a routine basis, the OCME will also visit the series coordinator and/or RSS.  During these visits, the RSS coordinator will be asked to provide RSS files.  The OCME will verify that all documents listed above are in the file.  Any problems with the RSS file and recommendations for improvement will be noted on the RSS Summary Sheet. 

     6.2.   Consistent problems with documentation or failure to comply with ACCME requirements will result in notification to the RSS Activity Course Director and the Director of OCME and may result in withdrawal of CME certification.


 1.      In order to monitor RSSs long-term compliance with OCME policies and procedures, each RSS must complete the RSS Annual Review.  All series that have completed a minimum of one year and are planning to continue must submit an Annual Review and receive re-approval of CME certification.  All series occurring on an academic/fiscal calendar (September-June), must submit the Annual Review by the beginning of July.  All series occurring on the calendar year (December-January), must submit the Annual Review by the beginning of October.

2.      The RSS Annual Review Form must be completed, signed, and submitted to OCME.

Required Attachments to be submitted with Annual Review Form:

     2.1 Provide 1 example of a session that occurred within the last year.  Submit the following:

  • Speaker Disclosure Form
  • If applicable, Resolution of Conflict of Interest Form
  • If applicable, Letter of Agreement
  • Sign In Sheet
  • Evaluation Summary/Demonstration of how outcomes were measured

     2.2   Disclosure: Submit updated Disclosure Forms and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest Forms for Activity Course Director and planners.

     2.3   Commercial Support: Submit updated LOA.

3.      The Annual Review will evaluated by the RSS Program Coordinator and the Director of OCME.  Notification of approval status will be emailed to the series coordinator and course activity director within 60 days of receiving the completed Annual Review.  An incomplete Annual Review will be returned without re-approval.  OCME reserves the right to withdraw CME credit if the annual review is not submitted.