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Sexual Assault

The community of Emory University and the School of Medicine expects its students to treat other persons with respect and dignity and will not tolerate any form of sexual assault. Both parties should explicitly agree upon sexual activity. Verbal communications of nonconsent, nonverbal acts of resistance or rejection, or mental impairment of the victim due to any cause including the victim's use of alcohol or drugs may constitute lack of consent. The use of alcohol or drugs will not be accepted as an explanation for the actions of any student charged with a violation of this policy.

Under this policy, sexual assault includes but is not limited to rape or attempted rape, sexual battery, or other physical acts of a sexual nature that are accomplished toward another without his/her consent.

The School of Medicine shall proceed with disciplinary and/or remedial actions as needed when it appears that the prohibition against any form of sexual abuse has been violated. A student charged with sexual assault may be disciplined under the Conduct Code as well as prosecuted under Georgia's criminal statutes. Whether or not a criminal prosecution occurs, the School of Medicine and the University retain the right to proceed with disciplinary action at any time and need not await the disposition of any such criminal prosecution. Such disciplinary action shall be handled in accordance with the School of Medicine Conduct Code. Emory University has in place procedures to provide the victim with emotional and medical support once a report is made.

Any person wishing to report a violation of this policy may contact:

  • Public Safety: 404.727.6111 to report the violation.
  • Executive associate dean for medical education and student affairs or any assistant or associate dean in this office: 404.727.5655 to report the violation.

Any person seeking advice or support may wish to contact:

  • University Health Service: 404.727.7551
  • Student Counseling Center: 404.727.7450
  • DeKalb Rape Crisis Center: 404.377.1428