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Involuntary Psychiatric Withdrawal

A student's continued enrollment at Emory University is a privilege based not only on a satisfactory scholastic status but also on good emotional health. If, in the opinion of the dean*, a student demonstrates evidence of an emotional disorder, the student may be referred by the dean to the University Health Service for psychiatric evaluation.

Refusal to obtain a psychiatric evaluation when properly requested to do so, or determination by the University Health Service that withdrawal would be in the best interest of the student and the University, shall be cause for involuntary withdrawal of the student from the University by the dean. Withdrawal in such cases shall normally incur no academic penalty for the term in which the student is enrolled and tuition refund, if any, shall be based on the schedule established for voluntary withdrawal.

The dean shall inform the student in writing of the effective date of the involuntary withdrawal and shall explain, in writing, the procedure for application for readmission to Emory University. Application for readmission after withdrawal for psychiatric reasons will require evaluation by the University psychiatrist. Persons seeking readmission may choose to submit a written report from their own psychiatrist at their own expense. In no case shall readmission be granted after psychiatric withdrawal without the approval of the University Student Health Service.

Students may also be required to undergo psychiatric evaluation in order to continue the course of study within a semester. Evaluation may be required by a psychiatrist appointed by the dean's office; in such case the evaluation will be at the expense of the medical school. A written report outlining suitability for continuing medical school will be required by the dean's office. Once received, the dean will confer with appropriate course/clerkship directors to reach a decision on continuation.

*Dean as used in this statement always refers to the dean or the dean's designee.