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Radiation Oncology

In the departmental listings, the following notations signify particular faculty appointments:

* Secondary appointment
+ Part time
^ Faculty member with secondary appointment outside the School of Medicine
# Faculty member with primary appointment outside the School of Medicine

Walter J. Curran Jr., Professor of Radiation Oncology, Chair of the Department

Professors Emeritus

Lawrence W. Davis, James W. Keller, Patton H. McGinley


Jonathan J. Beitler, Ian Richard Crocker, Walter J. Curran Jr., Paul William Doetsch, William Dynan, Yoke W. Kow, Jerome Carl Landry, Paula Vertino, Ya Wang

Associate Professors

Xingming Deng, Eric S. Elder, Natia Esiashvili, Timothy J. Fox, Karen Debra Godette, Bruce W. Hershatter, Asesh B. Jani, Hui-Kuo Shu

Assistant Professors

Arif Ali, Anees Dhabbaan, Roberto Diaz, Scott Edelman, Kristin Higgins, Shannon Kahn, Mohammad Khan, Shuyi Li, Tian Liu, Justin Roper, Michael Rossi, Peter J. Rossi, Harold Saavedra, Eduard Schreibmann, Joseph Shelton, Liza Stapleford, Mylin Torres, Huichen Wang, David Yu

Senior Associates

Elizabeth K. Butker, Shahram Ghavidel

Adjunct Professor

Farzad Rahnema+, Chris C. K. Wang+

Elective Opportunities

These courses introduce students to basic concepts of cancer management including epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis, staging and treatment and an appreciation for radiotherapy as a therapeutic modality. Students will refine their physical examination skills by correlating laboratory, radiographic, and histopathologic findings with patients with malignant disease. Students will understand the principles of management decisions, including the roles of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy in the treatment of individual patients. There will be informal discussions with staff physicians,residents and physicists concerning cancer management and treatment techniques.