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In the departmental listings, the following notations signify particular faculty appointments:

* Secondary appointment
+ Part time
^ Faculty member with secondary appointment outside the School of Medicine
# Faculty member with primary appointment outside the School of Medicine

Timothy W. Olsen, F. Phinizy Calhoun Sr. Professor of Ophthalmology, Chair of the Department, Director of the Eye Center

Professors Emeriti

Thomas M. Aaberg, Sr.+, Robert Church+, Dayle H. Geroski+, Frankie Stegall+, R. Doyle Stulting+, Morton B. Waitzman+, Wendall Woods+


Allen D. Beck, Valerie Biousse, Geoffrey Broocker+, Henry F. Edelhauser+, Hans E. Grossniklaus,  P. Michael Iuvone, Scott R. Lambert, Mary G. Lynch, Bernard E. McCarey, Nancy J. Newman, John M. Nickerson, Susan Primo, J Bradley Randleman, Ted Henry Wojno

Associate Professors

Maria M. Aaron, Jeffrey H. Boatright, Anastasios Costarides, G. Baker Hubbard, Amy K. Hutchinson, Dean P. Jones*, Machelle T. Pardue, Paul W. Wong

Assistant Professors

Fulya Y. Anderson, Chris S. Bergstrom, Douglas Blackmon, Beau B. Bruce, Mary S Carlton, Vincent Ciavatta, Blaine Cribbs, Bhairavi K. Dholakia, Carolyn Drews-Botsch#, Annette L. Giangiacomo, Emily B. Graubart, Rashidul Hague, Thao Harris, Brent R. Hayek, Andrew Hendrick, Joung Y. Kim, Phoebe D. Lenhart, April Y. Maa, Purnima Patel, Paul B. Pruett, Kenneth J Rosengren, Sheetal Shah, Suma P. Shankar*, Steven I. Urken, Ann M Van Wie, Jill R. Wells, Jiong Yan, Steven Yeh


 Marisa A. Feliciano+,  Michael A. Ward

Senior Associates

Lindreth G. Dubois+, Rhonda G. Waldron+


Alcides Fernandes Filho, Donna L. Leef, Hua Yang

Adjunct Professors

Thomas M. Aaberg, Sr. +, Richard D. Dix+, Woo-Kuen Lo+, Gianluca Tosini+

Adjunct Associate Professors

Spurgeon William Clark III+, Stephen H. Knight+, Guey C. Perng*, Karen D. Summers+

Adjunct Assistant Professors

James J. Bedrick+, Parul Khator+, Evan Loft+, Karen R. M. Randall+

Adjunct Instructors

Stephen M. Cristol+, Susanne M. Hewitt+, Manan Shah+

Clinical Professor Emeritus

Thomas Shelor Harbin, Jr. +, Jess C. Lester+, Spencer Fleetwood Maddox+, Clinton McCord, Jr. +

The curriculum covers the diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases of the eye. Recognition of the eye manifestations of the diseases of other parts of the body is stressed.

Elective Opportunities

The department offers several opportunities in clinical preceptorships and in research in ocular physiology and pathophysiology of ocular disease:

  1. A preceptorship in general ophthalmology designed to provide a broad overview of the field as a medical and surgical specialty serving all age groups;
  2. A special clinical or clinical research preceptorship for more detailed study of a particular area in ophthalmology with exposure to such specific clinical problems as glaucoma and corneal disease; and
  3. A research-oriented preceptorship in any of the subspecialties of ophthalmology for one to two months.