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In the departmental listings, the following notations signify particular faculty appointments:

* Secondary appointment
+ Part time
^ Faculty member with secondary appointment outside the School of Medicine
# Faculty member with primary appointment outside the School of Medicine

Laureen L. Hill, Professor of Anesthesiology, Chair of the Department

Professors Emeriti

Thomas Allen, James Bland Jr., Stanley L. Chapman, Wesley Frasier, William Hammonds, Carl C. Hug Jr.+,, Jerrold Henry Levy, James G. Ramsey, Carl Smith, Samuel Smith, Yung-Fong Sung, John Waller


Arnold J. Berry, Peter Simon Sebel, Ling Wei, Shan Ping Yu, James R. Zaidan

Associate Professors

Carolyn F. Bannister, Michael Gary Byas-Smith, Raphael Y. Gershon, Ghaleb^ A. Ghani, Nina A Guzzetta, Kathryn Glas, James R. Hall Jr., Andrew Jenkins, Jay W. Johansen, Anne Maria McKenzie-Brown, Bruce E. Miller, Michael R. Murphy, Roman M. Sniecinki

Assistant Professors

Renee Abbott, Diana M. Alizadeh, Akiko Ando, Sona Arora, Thanayi Barone-Smith, Patricia L. Baumann, Roderick S. Bramwell,  Stuart G. Brooker, Keith K. Brosius, Steven C. Buchman, Karen T. Carlson, Nicole Carignan, Phillip Chuang, Kudiratu Clarke, James E. Cooke, Colette M. Curtis, Shiva Danda, James A. Dolak, Morgan Dooley, Paola Dorato-Iqbal, Elizabeth Duggan, Jane Duggan, Michael Duggan, Peggy G. Duke, Joseph K. Edwards, Jennifer P. Etkind, Sofia Fischer, David Fishman, Ivy F Forkner, Paul Garcia,  Beverly C. Gregory, David Grenda, Robert S. Harris, Lindsay Head, Steven M. Helfman,Melissa Hirsu, Alisa Horsford, Wykena Jackson, Carolyn James, Anna Kaiser, Andrew B. Kelly, Jaime Kitzman, Markus G. Klass,  Matt Klopman, Scott Kolesky, John D. Lane, Rebecca Lawson, Olga E. Lazar, Simon Lee, Grant Lynde, Tonya Mae, Dawn Manning-Williams, Gary Margolias, Darlene L. Mashman, Ricky Matkins, Carmen Mays, Billynda McAdoo, Anne Marie McKenzie-Brown, Nicole McIntosh, John Gordon Morrow III, Christina Noyes, Wendy Y. Nunlee, Alamezie Ojiaku, Amy K. O'Neill, David Pae, Chhaya Patel, Guarav P Patel, Andrea Pelle, Thomas E. Philpot, Steve Pierre, Vincent Pirri, Kenneth S. Protas, Arun A. Rao, Erin Rosenberg, Heather Samady, Parasiva Satish, Korrin Scott, Joanna Schindler, Kathy Schwock, Julie Schuman, Amy Schwartz, James F. Scott III, Patrick Segeleon, Kimberly D. Singer, Victoria Sneed-Geary, Craig Spector, Boris Spektor, Gautam Sreeram, Kathryn E. Stack, Kenneth Stuart, Cinnamon Sullivan, Michele L Sumler, Jigar M Tataria, Elrond Teo, Steven Robert Tosone, Ratna Vadiamudi,  Claudia Y. Venable, Matthew K Whalin, Joseph M. Webb, Fredric I. Weitz, Elizabeth Wilson, Francis Wolf, Vidya Yalamanchili, Lily Young, Joel Zivot, Igor Zhukov

Senior Associate

Alamezie Ojiaku


Katherine Monroe, Samuel Turner Stewart, Fania Szlam

Clinical Assistant Professor

Faye Evans


Richard Brouillard

Instruction in anesthesiology is directed toward the understanding and therapy of pain relief, life system support and resuscitation, as well as introduction of basic techniques and medical management used in the administration of anesthesia for surgical, obstetrical, and diagnostic procedures.

MD 740 Clinical Anesthesiology

One week. Application Phase. Taught with MD 735 Credit, 1 hour. Basic introduction to the principles and techniques involved in the care of the perioperative patient. An anesthesiologist assists the student in discovering the techniques and principles of basic life support including airway management, maintenance of cardiopulmonary stability, and intensive monitoring. The student shall acquire an appreciation of the needs of the acutely ill patient and the role of the anesthesiologist in their care. Students also participate in morning/afternoon conferences and a case-based problem set discussion. Reading assignments are from a provided text. The final grade is based on problem set submission and participation/performance. Letter grade.