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In the departmental listings, the following notations signify particular faculty appointments:

* Secondary appointment
+ Part-time
^ Faculty member with secondary appointment outside the School of Medicine
# Faculty member with primary appointment outside the School of Medicine

Douglas C. Eaton, Distinguished Professor of Physiology, Chair of the Department

Donald R. Humphrey, Professor, Deputy Chairman

Professors Emeriti

Ronald Abercrombie, Stephen J. Hersey+, Donald R. Humphrey, John Pooler, Gilbert Rinard+, Leona G. Young


William Agnew#, Douglas Charles Eaton, Shawn Hochman, , Lucky Jain*,  Ronald Joyner *, Thomas Richard Nichols#, William O'Neill*, Martin J. Pinter,  Jeff M. Sands*

Associate Professors

Francisco Alvarez, Inyeong Choi, Nael A. McCarty*, John Wylie Nichols, Keith Tansey*, Malu Tansey, Pete Wenner

Assistant Professors

Hui-Fang Bao, Guangping Chen, Kareem Graham, Robert Hoover*, Jae Kyung Lee, Heping Ma, Gretchen Neigh, Patricia J. Nichols*, Marie-Claude Perreault, Morten Raastad, Patrice Smith, Alan J. Sokoloff, Chang-Hyon C. Yun*

Adjunct Associate Professor

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Valerie K. Haftel#

Physiology is concerned with the regulation and maintenance of individual cells and their interrelations with each other in tissues, organs, organ systems, and the entire living organism. Its objective is to understand the integration of cellular and membrane physical-chemical processes into cell functions and, in turn, their integration to perform new functions in more complex assemblies of cells.

Elective Opportunities

Intermediate and advanced graduate courses in physiology are open to medical students as Elective Opportunities. Please consult the physiology faculty or the Graduate School catalog for further information.

  • IBS 600.Blood and Water Educational objectives include understanding pathophysiology of sickle cell disease from molecular biology, cell to the patient, and understanding the physiological basis of renal disease.
  • BioMedEng 8121.Physiological Systems Course