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In the departmental listings, the following notations signify particular faculty appointments:

* Secondary appointment
+ Part-time
^ Faculty member with secondary appointment outside the School of Medicine
# Faculty member with primary appointment outside the School of Medicine

Raymond J. Dingledine, Professor of Pharmacology, Chair of the Department

Professors Emeriti

Frank Gordon, Jyh-Fa Kuo, Kenneth P. Minneman


Raymond Dingledine, Yue Feng, Haian Fu, Randy Hall, John R. Hepler, Leonard L. Howell*, Paul Michael Iuvone*, Fadlo R. Khuri*, Michael J. Kuhar, Lian Li, Zixu Mao, Edward T. Morgan, George Painter, Grace K. Pavlath, James P. Snyder^, Stephen F. Traynelis, Ellen Hess

Associate Professors

Lih-Shen Chin, Thomas J. Murphy, Rita Nahta

Assistant Professors

Yuhong Du, Thomas L. Kukar, Renee Read, Thota Ganesh


Luciano Apponi, Keith Easterling, Asheebo Rojas, Hongjie Yuan

Pharmacology seeks to understand the mechanisms of action of drugs and toxic chemicals. In the context of medical education, sound pharmacology training assists the rational use of drugs as therapeutic agents and an understanding of the toxic effects of drugs and nontherapeutic chemical agents. A firm understanding of biochemistry and mammalian physiology is needed to study pharmacology.

Elective Opportunities

Special courses in pharmacology include drug metabolism and toxicology, frontiers in molecular pharmacology, neuropharmacology, cell surface receptors, and molecular toxicology.