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Cell Biology

In the departmental listings, the following notations signify particular faculty appointments:

* Secondary appointment
+ Part-time
^ Faculty member with secondary appointment outside the School of Medicine
# Faculty member with primary appointment outside the School of Medicine

Winfield S. Sale, Professor and Interim, Chair of the Department

Professors Emeriti

Claudia R. Adkison, Robert L. DeHaan, Jane B. Lee, Marla B. Luskin, John McDonald, Kyle W. Petersen, John W Scott, Jr, Johannes W. Tigges, Margarete Tiggs, James R. Wilson, John Wood


Gary J. Bassell, Guy Benian*, Lawrence Boise*, Arthur W. English, Harrison C. Hartzell Jr., Asma Nusrat *, Winfield S. Sale, Paul Spearman*, Steven Wolf*, James Q. Zheng

Associate Professors

Thomas Abelew, Ping Chen, Douglas L Falls, Victor Faundez, Michael H. Koval*, Andrew P. Kowalczyk, Xi Erick Lin*, Harish C. Joshi, Robert J. McKeon, Kenneth M. Moberg, Shoichiro Ono*, Maureen A. Powers

Assistant Professors

David D. Dunlap, Christina Gross, David J. Katz, Alexa Mattheyses, Edward H. Pettus, Wilfried Rossoll

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Michael Ensslin, Jennifer Larimore


Chas Easley, Cynthia Grimsley Myers

Senior Associate

William N. Goolsby

Research Associates

Kuai Yu

Cell biology courses provide a continuation of the student's education in basic biology and serve particularly as an introduction to human as well as other mammalian tissues. Emphasis is given to organization at the subcellular, cellular, and organ levels. Upon completion of the introductory courses, the student should be prepared to undertake more advanced independent study or courses offered for graduate students.

Elective Opportunities

Intermediate and advanced graduate courses in anatomy and cell biology are open to medical students as Elective Opportunities. For these opportunities, consult members of the department or the Graduate School catalog.