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Objectives for Undergraduate Medical Education

Student Physician Activities:

  • Take a patient-centered history (focused and complete)
  • Perform a physical examination (focused and comprehensive) and recognize normal and abnormal findings
  • Apply principles of medical science to interpret clinical information
  • Apply principles of medical science to patient care to develop a problem list, working diagnosis, etiologic evaluation, and management plan
  • Develop a patient care plan
  • Perform technical procedures
  • Communicate with patients and their support system regarding their care
  • Participate in difficult conversations with patients and their families
  • Document patient findings and treatment plans
  • Explain clinical decisions using scientific reasoning
  • Use electronic medical records
  • Formulate questions and search the literature to resolve knowledge gaps
  • Contribute to generalizable medical knowledge
  • Apply best evidence to the care of individual patients
  • Recognize and address ethical dilemmas
  • Protect patient information
  • Fulfill the professional role of a physician
  • Use feedback to improve one's own practices
  • Demonstrate trustworthiness to patients, colleagues, and other healthcare personnel
  • Treat patients while understanding own biases
  • Treat patients without regard to personal advantage
  • Work in interprofessional teams
  • Identify personal limitations and seek assistance as needed
  • Teach peers and team members
  • Serve the community
  • Contribute to healthcare quality and safety initiatives