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Mary J. DeLong, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean
Postdoctoral Education

Phone: 404-727-3302

Fax: 404-727-3309


Mailing Address:
1648 Pierce Dr.


Dr. DeLong joined Emory’s School of Medicine as Assistant Dean and Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Education (OPE) in 2007. She directs career development and community events for the 650+ postdoctoral fellows of the SOM who are seeking their first faculty or similar position after 3-4 research years at Emory. She works closely with the SOM GDBBS graduate office and other universities within Atlanta and the nation. Her office supports SOM faculty with postdoctoral fellow recruitment and data needed for NIH reports and training grant applications.  

Prior to her present position, beginning in 2000, Dr. DeLong created and directed the Graduate Partnerships Program at NIH that links universities with NIH laboratories for the training of Ph.D. students. Forming formal partnerships with over 30 national and international universities she had oversight of nearly 500 graduate students from many different universities throughout the 21 NIH Institutes. She represented the NIH policy and training in numerous forums including the NSF, National Academies, and similar national organizations and received many awards from NIH. She was a Board of Trustees member of the Centers for Excellence in Education in Washington, DC.  

As a faculty person at Emory University from 1991 through 2000, Dr. DeLong was in the Department of Environmental Health in the RSPH where she was Director of Laboratories and conducted research on the role of nutritional cell signaling in genic control of detoxification enzyme induction. During this time she was active in the graduate Nutrition Program, taught in numerous courses in the SOM and RSPH, was Chair of the President’s Commission on Women and directed the women’s junior faculty development program, Passages. Dr. DeLong came to Emory from Johns Hopkins University where she was in the Pharmacology department between 1981-1990 previous to being appointed as an Assistant Dean for Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins. Her Ph.D. in Chemistry was from the University of Notre Dame, and her postdoctoral work was at Johns Hopkins and the NIH.