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Academic Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure

Your academic appointment is an important first step as you begin your career with Emory.  The resources below will provide information for both new as well as continuing faculty.

Please consult the SOM Guidelines for Appointments, Promotion and Tenure for details on each of the following types of appointments/promotions. For more information on the policies governing faculty appointments, please visit Emory University Faculty Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures.

New Faculty Appointments

New appointments occur throughout the academic year and are effective upon date of employment.  Your track assignment is an important part of this process - below are resources to help ensure your track is in alignment with your career trajectory.

Track assignment and track switch

"Am I on the right track?"

For administrators: Procedures

Other Appointments 

Adjunct Appointments
Administrative Appointments
Distinguished Academic Appointments
Emeritus Appointments
Endowed Appointments
Secondary Appointments
Details per SOM Guidelines

For administrators: Procedures

Junior Faculty Promotions

These promotions (Associate to Sr. Associate, Associate or Sr. Associate to Instructor, Instructor to Assistant Professor) may occur at any point during the year with divisional/departmental approval.  Mimimum time in rank

For administrators: Procedures

Senior Faculty Promotions

These must occur per the annual timelines.  Process and packet details 

Please note: New senior rank appointments may be proposed throughout the academic year and are effective upon completion of the review/approvals process. If these approvals are not completed prior to the date of employment, the faculty member will hold a transient title as Acting Associate Professor or Acting Professor until successful completion of the approvals process. Failure to complete the process within six months of the date of hire will result in the new faculty member's rank being converted to Assistant Professor and proposal for promotion to senior rank can occur in a subsequent year.