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Whether you are a research scientist, clinical investigator, educator or clinician, our office delivers programs and resources to assist you in expanding your professional skills and achieving your career aspirations.




No matter the learner, we have programs and resources to support your teaching and educational scholarship.

Clinical Care

Emory provides you a phenomenal place to practice cutting-edge health care to bring healing to our patients in diverse health care delivery settings.


From submitting a grant to writing a manuscript, a multitude of resources and courses are available to support your research efforts.

Career Development

Explore learning opportunities for leadership, mentoring, and general career development.

Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure

The appointments, promotion, and tenure process can often seem daunting and mysterious. Our team helps to demystify the process by providing resources and support programs to help guide you through the process.

Awards and Recognitions

Recognizing and celebrating faculty members is an important part of the culture at Emory. We are committed to nominating, honoring, and highlighting faculty and their accomplishments throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

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