Estimated Costs

Tuition for students who entered in August 2012 was $13,500 per semester, resulting in a 6-semester total of $81,000.  Tuition is estimated to be approximately $90,000 in 2013.

The cost of the NCCAA Certify Examination will be $1,475 for the 2011 graduates.

Average indebtedness for 2011 graduates was $104,692.

Housing and living expenses vary depending upon the choice of on-campus or off-campus housing. Detailed information about on and off-campus housing can be found under the student life section of Emory's Residence Life & Housing website:

Estimated Annual Expenses of the AA Program

Tuition $40,500
Books & supplies $6,300
Emory student fees $1,500
Housing food and incidentals $22,000
Parking and travel $1,910
Student Health Insurance (required) $2,360
Total expenses: $74,570

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