Scott Robinson

Current Status: M4

Graduate Department: Biomedical Engineering

Other Degrees: BSME, Union College;  

Advisor(s): Robert Taylor, MD, PhD;

Hometown: Poultney, VT


Biking, hiking, music, traveling with my wife, chilling with our dog


"My thesis research involved understanding the mechanisms of post-natal neovascularization. Specifically, I explored the role of bone-marrow derived cells in therapeutic neovascularization. Bone marrow-derived cells are a robust source of pro-angiogenic cells for potential use in cell therapy to augment blood vessel growth. Currently I am interested in the microencapsulation of stem cells for utilization in cell therapies. We have demonstrated that mesenchymal stem cells over-expressing erythropoietin can be encapsulated in alginate micro beads and implanted in mice to rescue hematocrit levels in a model of chronic kidney failure. "

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