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Ana Monteiro

Current Status: M4

Graduate Department: Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology

Other Degrees: BS, Biology, Georgetown University;  

Advisor(s): Charles Parkos, MD, PhD;

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • Hanging out with my mutt
  • Biking
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Restaurant going
  • Exploring Atlanta + beyond
  • Yelping (


The epithelial barrier lining the gut is important for homeostasis since it regulates how nutrients and solutes are absorbed into the body while simultaneously protecting the body against invasion by pathogens. My research aims to understand how this epithelial barrier is maintained. More specifically, I work to establish how a transmembrane protein named Junctional Adhesion Molecule-A (JAM-A) functions to initiate a complex of tight junction associated molecules that signal towards barrier function stability. 

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