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Dwight Chambers

Current Status: M3

Graduate Department: Biomedical Engineering

Previous Education: S.B. Nuclear Science and Engineering, S.M. Nuclear Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;  

Advisor(s): Thomas Barker, PhD;

Hometown: Nashville, TN


Board games, bow ties, beer, bromance, being fed delicious things & (b)reading and anticlimactic alliteration.


Mechano-sensing matures: mechanical gene therapies for pulmonary fibrosis

Fibroblasts (though more generally all cells) have finely tuned mechano-sensing pathways that are essential for homeostasis and development and perverted in pathologies like fibrosis. In pulmonary fibrosis, specifically, the stiff matrix and the fibroblast are locked in a viscious feed-forward loop, wherein matrix stiffness drives fibroblast activation which drives matrix stiffness. Using a conserved mechano-sensing pathway in fibroblasts, we hope to turn the invert this paradigm on its head and use gene circuits to sense and respond specifically to areas of matrix stiffness.