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Brian Robinson

Current Status: Alumni

Graduate Department: Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology

Advisor(s): Kenneth H. Moberg, PhD


Patterned growth is fundamental to proper metazoan development, and deregulated growth is implicated in human diseases including cancer. In the Moberg lab, we use the fruit fly Drosophila melanogastor as a model system to identify growth regulatory mechanisms in developing epithelia. Myefforts focused on the analysis of the Hippo/Mst-2 pathway, a well-conserved growth regulatory pathway that prevents inappropriate tissue growth in flies and suppresses tumor formation in humans. In particular, my work elaborated a novel growth-regulatory role for the apicobasal polarity factor Crumbs in regulating Hippo/Mst-2 signaling. In so doing, this work defined a novel mechanism whereby apicobasal polarity factors can influence growth programs, and offered insight to how deregulation of polarity programs can promote tumor formation in metazoans.

Graduation Year: 2013

Residency: Pathology, Emory University

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