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Mary Horton, MPH, MA

Executive Co-Director
MD/PhD Program

 Mary Horton, MPH, M.A., has co-directed the program since 2009 although she has been intimately involved in the guidance of students in the program in an administrative capacity since 1997. Mary received her B.A. in Biology from Russell Sage College in Troy NY, and her M.P.H in Sociomedical Sciences and M.A. in Psychiatric Epidemiology from Columbia University School of Public Health and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, respectively. Mary is currently in graduate studies toward an interdisciplinary humanities Ph.D. in through Emory’s Institute of the Liberal Arts. Under the mentorship of Dr. Howard Kushner, Mrs. Horton’s thesis research applies directly to the MSTP’s interest in interdisciplinary medical scholarship. Her scholarship explores the place of the humanities in training doctors for 21st century medicine. In addition to her graduate training, Mary has served on a number of academic committees including the AAMC GREAT Group MD/PhD Section Communications Committee, and is currently member of the AAMC GREAT Group MD/PhD Section Steering Committee.  She frequently gives presentations on MD/PhD training and has been invited locally and nationally to sit on panels related to science and health careers, MD/PhD training and academic administration. In her capacity as Co-Director she supervises all administrative aspects of the MD-PhD Program and its staff, which has expanded as the program has grown. She mentors 1st and 2nd year MSTP students by monitoring academic progress, particularly in the area of meeting academic milestones. Furthermore, given her above graduate interests and experience, she also serves as an advisor for those students involved in non-traditional programs of study, and meets with those students on a regular basis to assure adequate progress toward degree completion.