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Grady Health System Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology Clinic


To Schedule an appointment call: 404-616-4243

Location of Clinic:
Grady Memorial Hospital
Neurology Clinic-11C
80 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30303

What should I expect when I come to Grady Health System for a Cognitive & Behavioral Neurology Evaluation?

Visit 1 involves a thorough workup by a team of doctors, nurses and social workers. You will undergo an evaluation by a nurse to understand your family and medical history and to gather current information such as your medications. You will receive paper and pencil tests to help the team better understand any problems you might be having with your memory or mood. A neurologist will evaluate your physical performance including your reflexes and strength. You will meet with a social worker to help with any financial issues and other concerns you and your family may be experiencing. This first visit may take up to two hours. Depending on what tests have already been performed, you may be scheduled to undergo a brain scan and blood tests to rule out other possible causes of memory loss or personality changes. The brain scan will be scheduled for you on a separate day.

During Visit 2, typically 4-6 weeks later, the neurologist will meet with you and your family to discuss the results of all the workups that have been performed and to provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Follow-up care will be scheduled as needed.

For both visits, it is helpful to bring a family member or someone who knows you well and can provide information about you.

On the day of the appointment remember the following items:

  • Bring your insurance cards

  • Bring all the medications you are currently using including over the counter medications and any nutritional supplements.

  • Bring eyeglasses or hearing aides or any other assistive devices you use.

  • Plan to dress casually for your appointment. You may be asked to partially undress. Socks or knee high stockings are recommended.

Research Opportunities:

  • Research studies are available and some patients may want to participate in these. Some studies involve testing of new medications or novel treatment approaches. Other studies involve observation over time. This website includes a list of current research studies.